WhatsApp has encountered an error that allows you to call your own in the application

An error has been found in WhatsApp that allows you to call your own application on the recipient’s device by sending him a large number of emoticons.

Sending 6,600 emoticons to a recipient on WhatsApp causes WhatsApp to crash on PCs and Android mobile devices, SoftPedia reports, citing researcher Indrajeet Bhuyan. According to him, sometimes a failure can be caused by sending 4.2 thousand smiles. At the same time, on iOS devices, this only causes the application to freeze for a while. The researcher verified that the bug works on Android devices with Marshmallow, Lollipop and Kitkat operating systems and on a PC in Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. He said that he told the WhatsApp developers about this, but they have not yet fixed the error. On the other hand, it’s hard to imagine that someone would need to send 6.6 thousand emoticons.

About a year ago, Bhuyan discovered another bug in WhatsApp – he was able to cause exactly the same consequences by sending a long text message consisting of several thousand words and occupying about 7 MB. After that, the developers of the messenger introduced a limit on the length of the forwarded message, which solved the problem. However, as the researcher has now found out, there was no limit on the number of emoticons.

This is not the first time that a message of a certain configuration can cause a crash in the messenger. In May 2015, a bug was discovered in iOS that allows you to remotely reboot the recipient’s iPhone by simply sending him a specific sequence of characters in iMessage. The error was subsequently corrected.