Non-working and outdated ways to promote Telegram

Other articles are crammed with ways to increase the volume of what? Unclear. Although in fact they have not been working for a long time. Although they seem quite logical. But we do know the truth. Not everything that is logical is working.

– Catalogs premalatha leaked video
Directories are sites and communities inside telegram, their purpose is to publish others. The point is that people go to the resource, scroll through the list, choose sites according to their interests and subscribe to them. Previously, when there were few proposals, they did so. But the situation has changed.

Now you need to add your own to directories for the sole purpose of expressing yourself in order to look for advertisers. The only resource you need in this case is Tgstat. The rest of the directories are no longer of interest.

– Add contacts from your phone
The method appeared because of the theory of the first hundred subscribers (critical mass). This is the theory that no one will subscribe to an empty channel, they say it does not inspire confidence. It really doesn’t matter how many followers you have. Of course, a four or five digit number creates an effect. But in practice it does not solve anything. What matters is the first impression.

Interesting. At the sight of unfamiliar information, the reader has two questions: “What is this?” and “Do I need it?” If you can close these questions, then no critical mass will be needed.

In addition, inviting people without their knowledge and consent is not comme il faut. This causes a negative, and quite justified. And if dissatisfied people click on the “Complain” button, the group will most likely fly into a ban. And that’s it, “there will be no kina”.

But there is a solution – the first subscriptions can be tweaked through a special service, my choice is BossLike.

– word of mouth
Of course, you can insist and ask friends to tell everyone about the channel, but this will not be effective.

To be clear, word of mouth is an example of the highest quality content. If readers voluntarily talk about the site, then its owner (or author) is a professional. This is difficult to achieve. Even creating viral material is not easy. Therefore, it makes no sense to rely on word of mouth, it is better then to invest in advertising and get results.

– Crowd marketing
Or sowing information, spamming on external resources, promotion in communities (all this through comments + links to the cart). It doesn’t matter what you call it, it doesn’t work. Neither if placed on a thematic site, nor on Facebook.

Firstly, site visitors do not use so often, well, we still have a not so relaxed tone for the article as a whole Telegram. Yes, and such self-advertising is unconvincing. An exception is if you yourself are an active participant in the site where you post the ad. In this case, you can present the information natively: write an article or announce the creation of a channel and ask those who are interested to subscribe.

Secondly, if you post a comment in Facebook groups created by enthusiasts, you will face the same problem as in directories. That is, do not wait for the result.

– Spam
You can (but don’t need to) spam in two directions: in Telegram chats and in private messages. The method worked before, but now both Telegram and administrators in particular are struggling with such actions.

In most chats, either in principle it is impossible to post links, or there is a bot that automatically deletes such messages. In addition, if a channel advertised in this way attracts attention, it will be quickly banned.

What about “personal”? The average user will be dissatisfied when they receive a notification with an invitation to subscribe to an unknown and suspicious page. By the way, once popular spam was just in topics where there was a continuous clickbait, and decency is rarely discussed.

Life hack. An effective tool for informing your target audience is sending telegrams in chats. Huge coverage guaranteed. Click and test -> 3seller

– Promotion services
There is no software in the world, a bot for promotion or a program that brings only real people to the channel. Most of the “new” on your site – oh no! – turn out to be bots. The number in the line of subscribers will increase, yes, but this will be of little use.

I don’t recommend using programs for promotion, but if you really want to create the appearance of active subscriptions or the effect of a herd, then try it. But then again, rarely and in a small way. Algorithms will still notice you, but this way you will delay this moment.